Fernanda Sotello


Latin American Integration Federal University


KPI Report IV and BI

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    • Promote the implementation of the Innovation Law in the Counties; 
    • Analyze and propose inclusions in the state and federal innovation law, and its regulations;
    • Disseminate and encourage the use of legal mechanisms to encourage innovation and legal framework for startups.
    • Promote cooperation between educational institutions, companies and public organizations through the application of legal mechanisms;
    • Share information, data and knowledge; 
    • Foster the sharing of offers and demands in the innovation ecosystem; 
    • Stimulate the creation of integrated Research and Innovation Centers; 
    • Provide technical studies for the Creation of Innovation Habitats; 
    • Strengthen counties innovation environments;
    • Articulate actions of regional interest with the public authorities; 
    • Search for political representation for the innovation environment Agenda; 
    • Agri MAPA Innovation Hub Project. 
    • Promote open innovation actions;
    • Conduct training for entrepreneurs and innovators;
    • Promote the emergence of innovative initiatives, including research; 
    • Disseminate existing habitats and attract more entrepreneurs; 
    • Integrate  entrepreneurs of the cities of the region; 
    • Increase the impact of companies and programs to support innovative entrepreneurship; 
    • Disseminate and encourage innovative entrepreneurship in the regional. 
    • Promote innovation events; 
    • Encourage the development and implementation of new teaching methodologies; 
    • Encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in education; 
    • Encourage innovation as a strategic topic for companies, institutions and public spheres; 
    • Map and disseminate existing intellectual skills with Technological Innovation Centers  and Innovation Agencies; 
    • Strengthen the management of Technological Innovation Centers  and Innovation Agencies;
    • Encourage and implement cooperation between Education and Research Institutions; 
    • Strengthen partnerships between Universities and the Companies. 
    • Encourage the creation and strengthen local sources of funding for Startups;
    • Articulate with funding institutions, exclusive publishes for the region; 
    • Encourage laboratory services to create a center to meet the demands of the region; 
    • Stimulate and accompany the development of shared data infrastructure; 
    • Structure resources of funding sources for Iguassu Valley and publicize calls for resources and connect with applications from extension institutions.